Founded in 2008 by polymath Creative Director Chad Rea, we are a product development, branded content, and consulting collective that lives at the intersection of ecology and pop culture.

We create and promote constructive brands, art, and activism – or, brand artivism, as we like to call it.

Our mission is to use our creative problem solving talents, pop culture sensibilities, proven intuition, and integrated marketing and new media prowess to solve problems that matter to the world and ensure that constructive brands have the creative tools necessary to compete with leading mainstream brands. And to do this in a way that entertains and embraces people through pop culture.

Working directly with visionary entrepreneurs and ambitious enterprises, ecopop provide expert advice, innovative ideas, and actionable marketing assistance across all aspects of business, including product development, branding, advertising, design, marketing, media, branded content/entertainment, and public relations.

We create value by developing newsworthy, integrated brand strategies that translate corporate passion and brand essence into palatable messages that connect emotionally to the psyche of the consumer.

We combine brand, media, pr, and creative strategy to develop ideas that are not only tailored to a specific brand’s needs, but ones that connect its audience with the most motivating message in the most appropriate environment. The result is a keenly targeted message, culturally relevant to the consumer, relevant to the world, and often times, more cost-effective.

There has been a paradigm shift. In our opinion and experience, those companies that align their product with their global responsibility, and package themselves in an authentic way that appeals to a broader audience, will reign. The race is on. And it couldn’t be more exciting.

To learn more about what iconic brands like Target, Nike, Google, Starbucks, and MTV already know about our unique problem-solving approach, please say hello.

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