Founded in 2008, ecopop is an idea farm that

lives at the intersection of ecology and pop

culture. We create, market, advise, and co-own

brands that make a positive social impact.

New Organic T-Shirt Designs For The Upcoming Way Better Than Better Store

Just before ecopop decided to exchange one city’s “Keep It Weird” slogan for another and relocate from Portland to Austin, we were populating our upcoming store, Way Better Than Bad, with a tasty selection of curated lifestyle products, as well as a few of our own, including these awesomely organic cotton/P.E.T. tees.

If you can’t wait for WBTB’s July launch and would like to be one of the first to get your hands on one of these shirts, follow us on Instagram where you can find links to purchase for $30.00.





Painting One Fingernail Could Save Lives.

Every once in a while, Facebook gets it right with targeted advertising. At first, we thought the Suggested Post was from a mobile app with a beautifully designed logo. And, being that we’re suckers for great design, we clicked on it. We were then transported to a simple website with a personal film for an even simpler idea that we wish we came up with. One that has the potential to start a global movement by building awareness for and change an increasing dangerous habit, and ultimately save lives.

If you were moved as much as we were by this inspiring idea, please share the link with your community. Let’s paint the world red, one thumbnail at a time.

An Empty Vessyl Makes The Most Sound. Beautifully Handmade Beer Growlers & Taps.

Several months ago we were at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin and stumbled upon Vessyl. We love, love their handmade bottles and tap handles. The artisan didn’t specify whether or not they were loving crafted for quality beer, but these truly unique bottles and taps spoke to us. And they said, “Beeeeeeer.”

Do not anger them. Get your very own here. 

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New Limited Edition Print by Chad Rea and Sarah May Bates Now In The Shop.

“Being You Is All You Need To Be.” And quick. Because there are only 5 left.

What Does Charitable Giving Sound Like? Say Hello To SocioTones.

The following is an ecopop venture that failed to pass our 90-day proof of concept phase in 2011, partly due to a rather difficult creative brief to crack. While we still believe this innovative concept has legs, they have fallen asleep for the time being. Please let us know if you’d like to help us wake them up.

SocioTones is the world’s first brand of charitable ringtones that not only sound good but also send a message and create conversation about socio, economic or environmental issues. And, in the process, provide charitable donations towards a particular cause.
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Meet Mable: A Modular Magazine Table System By ecopop x Thomas Crisp.

Mable was born out of the simple observation that some people, namely those working in creative industries, have way more magazines than space. Table tops and shelves become cluttered and nearby floorspace end up looking a lot like periodical stalagmites at a hoarders convention.

We set out to solve this problem by creating a modern table system that can both store and show off a large number of magazines while still providing a useable table top.

Made from sustainable bamboo, Mable a single table unit that can be added to, arranged, and used as a small to large coffee table or end table. The number of magazines used, as well as the magazine cover graphics, allow you to create and recreate its overall shape and personality every time an issue is added or removed.

Mable was slated to release in 2011. The furniture manufacturer, retailer, and distributor has since gone out of business. While we wait out her fate, you can catch us in our lobby reading a magazine on architecture.

A Product Idea To Lose The Belly: Bring Back The Half Shirt.

What ever happened to the half shirt for men?

In the 70′s, half shirts were all the rage. As skinny and hairless preteens, we wore half shirts without ever giving a second thought to going out into public. Then again, this was before America became morbidly obese and our own metabolism decide to give up. (Or was it our will power?)
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Three Business Ideas That Are Good For Something, Like Changing The World.

One of our favorite ad agencies, Mono, created an innovative campaign for Branson’s Virgin Unite to help put an end to homelessness.

“Do Whatever It Takes” is a website initiative that harnesses the power of wacky internet videos and combines it with charitable fundraising sites like FirstGiving. Anyone can make a pledge to do virtually anything, like drinking a gallon of milk in under an hour, for a set amount of money the individual determines, say $100. The online community then contributes to their fund and, if their goal is reached, the pledger does their “whatever” and the raised money gets donated to a homeless philanthropy.


We’d now like to triple dog dare you to think even broader than homelessness or even bigger than Virgin Unite. In fact, last year, ecopop had two similar ideas that could be stand-alone social ventures that anyone is welcome to do with or without us.
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Happy New Year’s Resolutions From ecopop.

Here’s A Fresh Mobile/Web App Idea Brewed Especially For Starbucks.

That guy in front of you at Starbucks is in need of a designer. You’re a designer. That woman that you see every morning thinks your cute but is too shy to let you know. Until now.

Introducing “Seen at Starbucks”, a mobile/web app concept from ecopop that provides the perfect opportunity to make meaningful connections with those whom you regularly see at your local Starbucks. Those interested in participating would be able to create a brief profile with a photo and contact preference, i.e. business, friendship, or dating. Using geolocation technology, participants could opt-in to see which community members are in-store and interested in getting to know one another a little better.

If you like this idea, please vote for it on My Starbucks Idea. If not, well, we’re always making more.