A Trojan horse for positive change.

Founded in 2008 by polymath creative director Chad Rea, ecopop is a branded content studio that lives at the intersection of ecology and pop culture.

We create and promote constructive brands, art, and activism – or, brand artivism, as we like to call it.

Our mission is to use our creative problem-solving talents, pop culture sensibilities, proven intuition, and new media prowess to solve problems that matter to the world. And to do it in a way that entertains and embraces people through pop culture.

To learn more about our value-based commission model, give us a call at 512-222-9558 or send us a note.

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We truly love creating names, logos, identity systems, usage guidelines, and brand platforms that include things like brand essence, core values, personality and attitudes, brand associations, and activations. It might explain why we have so many of our own ventures. Ensuring that they're distinct and consistent across every consumer touch point is a process we revel in. 

Content Creation & Production

Video content strategy, development, production, distribution, and earned media artfully crafted to get results. From the mobile screen to the big screen, Vine to Vimeo, shorts to series, interactive music videos to whatever we think of next, we provide the marketing expertise and the latest tools necessary for content to connect on multiple touch points and go way beyond traditional storytelling. 




Unconventional yet actionable ideas are our business. And business is good. Whether it's with visionary start-ups, ambitious NGO's, Fortune 100 companies, or some of the best ad agencies around the world, we provide expert advice and assistance in the form of strategy, creative direction, entrepreneurship, talent resources, and advisory board seats.