Founded in 2008, ecopop is an idea farm that

lives at the intersection of ecology and pop

culture. We create, market, advise, and co-own

brands that make a positive social impact.

Products We Wish Were Sustainable But Aren’t.

Whether you are a conscious consumer looking for something with a little more pop, or a cool hunter looking for a little less granola crunch, it’s not easy finding stuff out there that satisfies both lifestyle needs.

For entrepreneurs and businesses, this is a huge opportunity to create and drive up demand for sustainable alternatives as well as profit from doing good business.

For consumers, now is the perfect time to influence and impact this new shift in corporate responsibility and have your wish list granted.

We have a few products we like but might marry if they changed their ways or someone created an alternative. One of these products is Shoe Goo, an adhesive and sealant designed to make worn out shoes, and other items, last longer. However, it’s not exactly non-toxic.

While one of you whips up and markets a batch that is, we’d like to hear about your favorite products that you wish were made more responsibly. Your wish just might come true.

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